After working with her I thought "OMG, I feel such a buzz now!"".”

Kelley's coaching made me feel comfortable and zoned-in! Before working with her I was stuck and spinning my wheels and felt defeated. I thought I had a systems issue. I couldn't figure out why I was having a hard time getting clients.  We later learned that it was because I hadn't fully tapped into who my ideal client was. Once we got clear on that, the rest of the call felt like a door had been unlocked. It was energizing!! 

I TOTALLY would recommend to hiring Kelley! She down-to-earth yet focused nature makes it easy get right to the heart of your business blunder quickly and find a solution. After working with her I though "OMG, I feel such a buzz now!""

Wilda Prèvil.

It was definitely the step before I won the lotto

Kelley reminded me that I need to continue working on debunking my self-limiting beliefs and know that I am worth the time and effort to invest in myself and my business. She reminded me of things that I had put a lot of effort into helping my husband within our shared business but failed to do on my own, such as developing a Marketing Plan.

From our conversation, I realized that I need to invest in more organizational strategies in my business, such as developing the Marketing Plan. Kelley reminded me that I need to continue to take ACTION and keep pushing out of my comfort zone for continued growth and development. I need to SET GOALS and TAKE ACTION to achieve them. Do something EVERY DAY.  

Our phone call was indeed extremely helpful and motivational. I think it was definitely the step before I won the lotto; the lotto of lighting fire under my butt to get a jump on living the life I was meant to.

— Dionne Davis.