What No One Tells You About Self-Love

Self-love is the beautiful ability of a person to love oneself. It’s when a person becomes closer to accepting and embracing oneself from a place of love, despite having any “flaws” or having made any mistakes. Self-love means you care about yourself and your wellbeing as you navigate this journey called life. But what if, despite all the practices you’ve implemented, you continue to struggle to love yourself?

You discover you don’t believe your affirmations.

You have trouble looking yourself in the mirror.

You dislike the body you have.

You feel shame or guilt about your past choices.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What’s wrong?” “What am I missing?”

The answer to those questions and the remedy to a lack of Self-love is Forgiveness.


Before moving forward in loving myself, I had to learn to forgive myself for the parts of my past that aren’t pretty and were buried in the back my mind. The mistakes I made, my failures, my poor and or selfish decisions that brought harm to others, and the decisions that led to people taking advantage of me in places like work, school, and in relationships.

In order for me to learn to love myself, I had to forgive myself for the shame I felt about the person I used to be.

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It was difficult practicing self-love now when I didn’t completely love who I was back then.

So, I had to do some digging. I had to dig up the parts of my past that were weighing me down. I had to literally look myself in the mirror and tell myself “I forgive you.” But that’s not all because I had to also be specific in what I was forgiving myself for. This was the only way for to truly express my forgiveness towards myself and actually mean it. Just like when manifesting certain things we have to be specific, I had to be specific in what I was manifesting my forgiveness for. 

Looking at myself in the mirror, oftentimes with tear-filled eyes looking back at me, I said things like…

“I forgive you for allowing yourself to get cheated on more than once by the same man.” 

“I forgive you for not knowing your worth for so many years.” 

“I forgive you for being afraid to walk in your purpose sooner.”

This went on and on until I could genuinely look myself in the mirror to say “I love you wholeheartedly, just as you are,” and I meant it. 

It took a few weeks to address moments of my past, one by one, but I feel like such a weight has been lifted and this weight is no longer dragging me down. 

So, if you feel like your self-love journey isn’t moving along as well as you thought it might, I encourage you to take some time to implement forgiveness towards yourself.

The world deserves the version of you that wholeheartedly loves you.

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P.S. Will you implement forgiveness? Have you tried implementing forgiveness in your journey, already? If so, tell me in the comments below and let me know how it’s helped.