How to Survive Being Single on Valentine's Day


Wait, what? It’s almost Valentine’s Day? Crap! I can’t believe I’m still single on another Valentine’s Day. I guess it’s time I pretend I’m a strong unbothered empowered woman, again. Ugh, this sucks!

Does this sound like you? If you sighed and said “yes!”, it appears you’re dreading the ever-so-sacred national holiday of love. The holiday that society uses to confirm whether or not you’re an attractive piece of value to society. 

If you’re single like me, you may have found yourself wondering two things.  

  1. How have I failed to find the one, again? Or

  2. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc you get daily visual reminders that everyone else is getting engaged or married or having babies. Meanwhile, you are DATELESS and Valentine’s Day is only a few days away.

For us single folks, Valentine’s Day can feel like a dreadful, annoying, and overrated night of the year because so many amazing people are left alone feeling a lot less amazing. So, since you’re single, you want to know how to make the most of this “Holiday” so you can keep your sanity, right?  Great! Allow me to help you stop feeling unwanted so you start feeling like the phenomenal love deserving person you are. If you’re ready, keep reading and enjoy these 7 Tips to help you survive being single on Valentine’s Day! 


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7 Tips To Help You Survive Being Single On Valentine’s Day!

1) Don’t feed into the hype of the holiday. Think of Valentine’s Day as any other day of the year. Nobody is expecting you to get dolled up, swagged out, or be slayed to the God's. So if you want to just chill at home, do that. Take a hot bubble bath, throw on some comfy PJ's or luxurious lingerie, and lounge at home. Turn on Netflix, order delicious take-out from Seamless, and making room for a yummy dessert. (I recommend you watch some comedies. You don't want to trigger any sad emotions by watching romantic dramas.) 

2) Dress up and go out with your other single friends. Remember, you’re single so you can make what ever plans you want. If you can’t bare to stay inside that night, go out and have an amazing time. You’re single so you don’t have to worry about impressing a significant other. Go bowling, go out to dinner, have a karaoke party, go to the spa, get your hair done, head to a museum. Your activities are endless. Just have fun and be worry-free knowing you won’t be the only one without a bedroom buddy when the night falls. 

3) Be productive! Try a new recipe and cook something for your friends or family who are available. Attend that dance class you’ve said you wanted to take for the last few months. Go to the gym and work off your frustrations. Start planning the trip of your dreams for 2017. Blast some music, clear the clutter in your house, while trying not to spill any wine. Wine and music are essential to a great decluttering, I'm just saying. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel good and stress-free. Oh, and make sure there's wine.


4) Start writing your awesome plan for 2017, so you can set the tone for the year. Get your goal list written and ready so you have things to focus on other than your love life. Plan your action steps to attain the physically achievable things that you want to accomplish this year with your effort. The more you elevate yourself and your life, you send a frequency that tells the universe you’re ready to attract the same thing from someone else. 


5) Write a list highlighting your accomplishments and reasons why you are so AWESOME. Yes, it may seem like nobody wants you right now, but the truth is the right person just hasn’t found you yet. Do you want to know why?… It’s because he/she isn’t meant to find you right now. So yes it’s true, you are single on purpose my dear, despite how Amazing you are. By writing this list you’ve taken the time to remind yourself why you are worthy of love.