7 Tips To Survive Being Single on Valentine's Day


Wait, what? It’s almost Valentine’s Day, already?

It feels like this year is steadily moving down the calendar at a good 60 mph lol because here we are in mid-February, already.

So, is your relationship status any different from last years? Are you claiming Single, In a relationship, Married, or it’s Complicated? If you’re reading this and you’re in a committed, happy, healthy relationship with the love of your life, Congratulations! I’m so excited for you, however, this post isn’t for you, technically. Yes, there are some things you can takeaway and implement into your own life but I want to chat with the single folks for a bit because I know how tough this coined “Special day of love” can feel when you don’t have someone to share it with.

For starters, I’d like to remind you that it’s just any other day of the week. To dive a little deeper, in my opinion, it’s a commercialized day that’s intended to encourage couples to spend money on each other in order showcase their love. I know, this doesn’t exactly sound uplifting, right? Well, single gal reading this, hopefully that just made you feel like you’re missing out a little less.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I Love, Love. So much so, that any display of love gets me all teary-eyed and turns me into an emotional sap. I even cry at commercials! Yes, I’m that person lol. But I embrace the abundance of Love I have inside of me. I also embrace the abundance of love that I want to give to one very special person for the rest of my life, someday.

I think relationships are beautiful and having a partner I can build with, grow with, and love on is as close to heaven as I can get until I’m actually there. Hopefully no time soon, though!

If you’re single and you want a relationship, I hope you’re blessed with someone who will love you unconditionally very soon. In the meantime, you get the joy of living your life as you wish, on your own terms, and with all the abundance of love to give Yourself.

Since you’re single, you want to know how to make the most of this “Holiday” so you remind yourself of how lovable and valuable, and worthy of love you truly are, right? Good!

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If you’re ready, keep reading and enjoy these 7 Tips To Help You Survive Being Single on Valentine’s Day! 

7 Tips To Help You Survive Being Single On Valentine’s Day!

1) Don’t feed into the hype of the holiday

Think of Valentine’s Day as any other day of the year. Nobody is expecting you to get dolled up, swagged out, or be slayed to the God's. So if you want to just chill at home, do that. Take a hot bubble bath, throw on some comfy PJ's or sexy lingerie, and lounge at home. Turn on Netflix, order delicious take-out from Seamless, and make room for a yummy dessert. (I recommend you watch some comedies. You don't want to trigger any sad emotions by watching romantic dramas.) 

2) Dress up and go out with your other single friends

Remember, you’re single so you can make what ever plans you want. If you can’t bare to stay inside that night, go out and have an amazing time. You’re single so you don’t have to worry about impressing a significant other. Go bowling, go out to dinner, have a karaoke party, go to the spa, get your hair done, head to a museum. Your activities are endless. Just have fun and be worry-free knowing you won’t be the only one without a bedroom buddy when the night falls. 

3) Be productive and have fun!

Try a new recipe and cook something for your friends or family who are available. Attend that dance class you’ve said you wanted to take for the last few months. Go to the gym and work off your frustrations. Start planning the trip of your dreams for 2019. Do some Yoga. Blast some music and clear the clutter in your house, while trying not to spill any wine. Wine and music are essential to a great decluttering, in case you didn’t know lol. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel good and stress-free.


4) Start writing your awesome plan for 2019

This way you can set the tone for the year. Get your goal list written and ready so you have things to focus on other than your love life (or lack thereof). Plan your action steps to attain the physically achievable things that you want to accomplish this year with your effort. The more you elevate yourself and your life, you send a frequency that tells the universe you’re ready to attract the same thing from someone else. 


5) Write a list highlighting your accomplishments and the reasons why you’re AWESOME

Yes, it may seem like nobody wants you right now, but the truth is the right person just hasn’t found you yet. Do you want to know why?… It’s because he/she isn’t meant to find you right now. They might be working on becoming the best version of themselves so when you two meet it’ll feel like MAGIC. So yes it’s true, you are single on purpose my dear, despite how Amazing you are. By writing this list you’ve taken the time to remind yourself why you are worthy of a beautiful, healthy, unconditional love.



So, I know I began this blog post, teaching you how to survive, but ultimately I want you to THRIVE, beloved. Don’t let Valentine’s Day make you feel defeated or unloved. Just for you showing up here today gives me reason to send my love towards you.

So, what did you think about the post?

Which of these tips will you try or have you tried before?

Drop a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you and I always respond!

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