Self-Care After Election Scare

Just like that, Donald J. Trump is the president-elect of the United States. Now, if you feel any resemblance to how I felt when the votes were tallied, you were experiencing a multitude of feelings. I was shocked, disappointed, confused, frustrated, and anxious, just to name a few. When watching the votes come in, eyes glued to CNN, my excitement catapulted to disbelief before I could even wrap my head around Donald J. Trump racking up so many votes. I remember thinking “who the hell keeps voting for this guy?!” 

I wondered, I worried, I tried to understand how this election was unfolding the way it was. After, driving three hours from Delaware to NYC that Tuesday afternoon to vote, I just knew my beloved country, my America, was going to elect our first female president Hillary R. Clinton, into the white house. However, this belief soon became a notion, a dream even, and alternatively, our reality is that Clinton lost while Trump succeeded.

So, what do we do now? If this election has led you to feel stress, heartache, or extreme frustration I have a few recommendations for you. Your priority but be to de-stress. Perhaps this is easier said than done right now so let me help you out.


1.    Get off of social media


Or at least limit your use. The verdict is in. There are no more debates, no more scandals, and no more voting to be done. Which means if you were worried before you can drop your worry now. When you continue to scroll through social media, reminding yourself of Trump’s victory, it’s like picking at an open wound or checking under a bandaid every second to see if it’s healing. Coping and healing begins when you remove yourself from the entity that is harming you or in this case, harming your mindset.


2.    Go for a walk


Now that you have more time off of social media, go outside. Go soak up the rays and get some fresh air. A regular brisk walk is known to be good for improving ones mood. We all know we can use a good mood booster. So get your ass outside, become happier, and burn some calories while you’re at it.


3.    Write and recite a mantra


A mantra is a spiritual practice in which a person repeatedly recites a word or sentence in order to maintain a controlled belief in ones state of being. For example, “I am resilient,” “I am powerful,” “I am dynamic.” Mantra’s like these, or the beautiful ones you create for yourself, can be recited aloud or in your mind.


4.    Cry, because it’s okay


Maybe you’re thinking, “No, Kelley Green, it’s not okay, “ and that’s fair. I get it. However, it Will Be Okay, and until that time comes, don’t be ashamed of crying. Crying is a pure way to release your frustrating emotions so you can reach your moment of healing sooner. Bottling up your pain and surpassing your feelings will only lead to you keeping those stress hormones inside. So, cry, my dear.

5. Pray

If you're like me, you're a believer in God. Connected to my belief in God is my belief in prayer and I've learned, through experience, that faith and love may not answer every question but it does answer the question of "how will I get through this?". I won't tell you how to pray or who to pray to but I will lay this here for you to considering trying in your time of stress, concern, and unhappiness. 

6.    Practice gratitude

Now that you’ve done such a great job at giving yourself a stress detox it’s time to celebrate life. Practicing gratitude is an effective way to calm your nerves, center your thoughts on positivity, and reframe your mindset. Some ways to practice gratitude is to write down things that you are grateful for, tell the universe about what you are grateful for, or share your gratitude with loved ones. 

If none of the above transfers your mood into an upward climb to joy, I suggest you grab some chocolate and wine. 

So I want to hear from you. What are some ways you have been dealing with the stress of the election? Comment below.


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