How To Survive Mercury Retrograde


Well hello Mercury retrograde, we meet again. No matter how many times I change my address or my phone number you manage to find me every year. In all your destructive glory you clumsily stomp through my life and interrupt my ease and peace. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the greatest unwelcome intruder of my life. 

According to Deputy Weather editor, Angela Fritz, “on average, planets move across our sky from west to east. Retrograde is when the planets appear to be moving in the opposite direction, from east to west. Which is why astronomers call it “apparent retrograde motion.” 

So what does this mean for us civilians? Although all planets go into retrograde, the journey that Mercury takes tends to impact us more than the other planets. The planet Mercury rules communication, our ease to thinking clearly, travel, automobiles, etc. These interferences tend to last a couple weeks, three to four times a year. 

Here are some Mercury in retrograde dates for 2017:

  • December 19, 2016- January 8, 2017 in Capricorn
  • April 9th 2017– May 3rd 2017 in Aries, then Taurus
  • August 12th 2017– September 5th 2017 in Leo, then Virgo
  • December 2nd 2017   – December 22nd 2017 in Sagittarius then Capricorn


What you may notice when Mercury is in Retrograde

Everyone is buggin’ including yourself. You may find that technology is suddenly not your friend. 

Things like your cell phone and your computer are malfunctioning and are glitchy. You’re having trouble forming sentences and your thoughts seem to be a bit jumbled. Communication during negotiations, listening, researching may be slacking. You may experience travel delays and also find yourself getting into arguments with friends. Especially your friends who are a Virgo or Gemini because the retrograde is ruled by Mercury. 

In the days since the start of Mercury Retrograde, I can honestly say I’ve experienced each of these annoyances. They are not fun but each time something irritating occurred, I learned how to deal with it. I became determined to get back to my peace ASAP.  


How to survive Mercury in Retrograde

Stay indoors and hide under the covers. As tempting as this may seem during this time this is actually not the answer. I tend to be more frustrated and irritated and typically I say things like “ugh, I’m in a mood.” When mercury is in retrograde it becomes a great time to take a step back.   Review where you are now and assess how you can become better. Relax and retune where you are spiritually, financially, and mentally, so you can exit this period with a new outlook on life.

Most of all, try not to get stressed or at least, try not to stay stressed for long. This will be a good time for you to “Woosah” and go were the retrograde effects blow. Life may become a bit agitating but try to stay composed, be kind to yourself, and be kind to others.


What to do when Mercury is in retrograde

  • Think before speaking
  • Double check your emails before sending
  • Review what you’re grateful for 
  • Get your vehicles checked and serviced. 
  • Review all contracts, several times, before signing
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Be kind and connect with people who bring you joy
  • Resist and complete tasks that were left undone
  • Do relaxing activities


All in all, once this time period is over I hope you exit feeling renewed, full of joy, and prepared to take on the next cycle of your life stress-free. Sending positivity your way!

What experiences have you had that you think were related to Mecury in retrograde?

Comment below and let me know. 

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