Do You Need Affirmations To Create A Life You Love?

Using Affirmations To Create A Life You Love

In my opinion, and the opinion of dozens of successful people in the world, YES! Of course, you need affirmations if you're trying to elevate your life and experience that good ol "glow up". Affirmation, especially positive affirmations, are like a beautiful magical wand. Well, I like to believe this, but that part is technically not true. (it would be nice if it were true though, right?) However, since they aren’t magic wands, we can’t just say one phrase or word of affirmation out loud, once, and change our entire world. But this is not to discourage you from using them. This is so that you are prepared to fully understand their power, but also remember to not have immediate expectations on their return. 

Affirmations, the practice of self-empowerment and positive thinking, are used in a way to change the negative thoughts, in your subconscious mind, about yourself and your life, into something positive and desirable. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s similar to the law of attraction where you can utilize affirmations (your thoughts) to attract either positive or negative experience. It all depends on where you focus your thoughts.

“Once I changed my way of thinking, I changed my life.”

You can create what you want to create. You first have to believe it, then you have to Declare it. Lastly, you have to do the work. It all starts in your mind. Everything you see around you, including the device you’re reading this blog post on right now, all began as an idea by a human being. Your humanness is no different than anyone else’s, in that you too can have an idea, believe in it, declare it, and do the work to make it happen. 



So why not take a chance on yourself and use affirmations to help?

Do you need some more clarity on affirmations? Would you like to learn the art of mastering the creation and execution of affirmations? 


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So, once you go through the guide and create your own affirmations, stick to them and stick to doing the work. Believe you have the power to change the world because you do!


P.S If you have any juicy questions or comments about affirmations, self-love practices, or self-development, please drop your comments below. You're the best!