What To Do When Life Feels Like A Roller Coaster

What To Do When Life Feels Like A Roller Coaster

Hey Queen,

The other day I was thinking about how people weren't kidding when they said life feels like a “roller coaster.” Life has shown me there are high moments that remind me why I love feeling happy and low moments that make me desperately miss this happiness. As a single millennial black woman, I sometimes find myself thinking I should be further along in life and wonder if I made all the right turns. I don’t feel like I was really prepared for this adulthood thing and sometimes I wonder, if it were a trial period, would I quit my membership before they charge my card on file.

Adulthood can really be challenging but it’s also not going anywhere, so whenever I feel like this I know I have to snap out of it quickly. Besides, adulthood, although much more filled with stress and responsibilities, in comparison to children, does come with many blessings.

"We have endless opportunities to design a life that we love." 

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We can decide which career we want to have, decide where we want to live, who we want to date, what we want to drink, and so much more. Even though we can’t control every single aspect of our lives there are plenty of aspects of it where we can steer the ship and control our slay. 

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It’s about recognizing the importance of how we react to things that try to throw us off guard and break us down. It’s believing in ourselves even when nobody else does. It’s about doing what you love and following your dreams even when they don’t look like the ambitions of the people around you. It’s about learning how to not take things personally or make assumptions about others (I’m still working hard on these two lol.) 

Life will have its ups and downs. That’s guaranteed. But we’re in control of how we react to the down moments and more importantly, how we rise from them.  So whenever you find yourself feeling low remember that going high and feeling happiness is on its way to you. 

Stay positive, have faith in your journey, and enjoy this ride called life!

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Kelley Green

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