A Note To A Queen

a note to inspire and empower a queen

Dear Queen, 


I am so glad you are reading this note because now is the perfect time for me to remind you how amazing you are. You truly are a phenomenal creation by God and you have been placed on this earth to revel in your magnificence. You deserve to stand in your power and walk the earth with strength, grace, and passion. Like a magical force, know that you are free to be yourself and unapologetically spread your magic around like confetti!


But as you know, there will be days when people want nothing more for you but a lack of joy and a chance to push you off your throne. It then becomes your duty to stop them, Queen. You must protect your peace and your happiness like your life depends on it, because it does. Remind yourself of your worth, your beauty, your intelligence, and your power. Block any negative vibes that try to divert you from your victory.

You are purposeful, Queen. If there’s one thing you should always be willing to take a chance on, it’s you. You can make a conscious effort to make your courage outweigh your fears. Despite the struggles you have faced in the past, that you may not have chosen, you sure as hell can choose your strength. When life gets difficult please take a moment to breathe, center yourself by easing your mind, and returning to your power.


God made no mistake when he created you and he wants nothing but the best for you. Believe that and speak love and positivity into your life every day. Practice self-love and affirm the magical life you want for yourself, Queen. You are gift to this world and to everyone you meet. Never apologize for the glitter you leave behind.


Kelley Green

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