7 Things Beyoncé’s "For The Culture" Performance Taught Me

Anyone else, besides me, still in awe of Queen Bey’s performance?! I feel like I could watch her phenomenal performance 10 years from now and still look on in amazement. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has become the first Black Woman to headline Coachella! Of course in true Beyoncé fashion, she shut down the building fashionably, tore up the stage flawlessly, and represented Black Culture proudly!

Excuse me while I adjust my wig and take another pull from my inhaler because, DAMN!

As someone who has performed as a dancer on many stages, I can honestly tell you the difficulty level on her nearly hour-long performance, full of continuous choreographed dancing, multilevel singing, wardrobe changes, and stage maneuvers is Hella High. It ain’t easy. But She Did That. Beautifully.

The Queen also taught me a few things too. She taught me, well more so reminded me, to remember 7 things about being a Black Woman creative. I’ve listed each of them below, so if you’re interested, keep reading.

1) Strength

beyonce dance crew coachella.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, Beyoncé cut up on that stage for an extremely long time. In fact, her over 45-minute dance sequence is recorded to be the longest on-stage dance sequence in Coachella History. The amount of stamina needed for such a performance, (remember it includes choreographed dancing in heels, singing, and commanding stage presence), requires so much strength and focus. This type of strength can only be achieved through preparation. 

The same things hold true for life, as well. If you think rolling out of bed to produce amazing creations in life will produce the same results as someone who has prepared for years you’d be quite mistaken. Even the most creative and talented people still have to hone their craft. That’s why even the most talented performers and athletes, have practices and even writers have first drafts. It’s all so they can be the best version of themselves. 

Give yourself time to experience your humble beginnings then show up and serve up your awesomeness!

2) Sassy

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Sass means: confident and energetic. I think we can agree Beyoncé gets an A+ for each quality. Her energy is both contagious and mesmerizing. Her confidence is a prime example of what it means to respect and love oneself without being perceived as “cocky”. 

 "I realized, this is the type of confidence existed only a handful of years ago. Any other type of confidence from a Black woman is usually perceived as cocky, arrogant, argumentative, or just plain bitchy. This perceived notion is exactly how women get convinced into believing they shouldn't be confident."

They should just play small in a world where being outspoken doesn’t make you a boss like your male counterparts, but instead leads you to be labeled as a bitch.

Well, I don’t have time to feel like the latter so I’ll continue to be my confident, energetic, aka Sassy self with no apologies. Can I get two snaps for that??

3) Self-Love

"You wake up, flawless. 

Post up, flawless

Ride round in it, flawless

Flossin on that, flawless

… I woke up like this. I woke up like this." - Beyoncé

Beyonce is great at reminding me to appreciate myself in all forms while I’m doing everything I do. There’s no such thing as belittling myself, getting down on myself, or believing I’m anything less than awesome.

"The world is already skilled at picking on people for their differences. 

We don’t need to do it to ourselves."

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Instead, we need to focus on running our world while being drunk in love with ourselves.

4) Smarts

I’m only up to lesson #4 and you can already see the level of smarts needed to pull off the things Beyoncé and her team produces exquisitely. Although I have a college degree in Business Administration and graduated with Honors, Cum Laude, don’t believe the hype that a college degree guarantees success. The only thing it’ll likely guarantee is debt so make sure whether or not you’re pursuing a degree, you educate yourself on life, money, and your craft daily.

5) Sex-Appeal

beyonce full wardrobe coachella.jpg

As a voluptuous Black Woman, it’s easy to effortlessly appear sexy. Beyoncé is great at appearing sexy and stylish without having to show too much bare skin. The way she walks, sings, talks, dances, and hell, even stands can teach a woman a thing or two about sex appeal. For Beyoncé, I think it all goes back to self-confidence and her love of self which allows people to look in awe just because her feet are touching the ground.

I know I feel sexy when I emulate her poses and practice her dance moves. Especially in the mirror, I’m like "Ayyyee, I look HOT!" lol. If you want a boost of feeling sexy, I’d recommend you throw on one of her music videos and get sexified. 

6) Savagery

Beyoncé is a Savage.

I was going to leave this lesson which I technically already knew but each time she blesses the world with her Savage Slayage it’s a divine spectacle. She’s perfectly imperfect and her efforts continuously snatch wigs and the very edges they cling on to. 

As a Black woman, it’s especially refreshing to see her represent our culture with such ferocious pride. Her costumes, her lyrics, her political and social references, her hairstyles, her choreography. All of it. Just all of it!

We should all let her efforts be a prime example to continuously show up as the best versions of ourselves. If we want to win and eat out here in these streets we deserve to put our best foot forward and command all that life has to offer. It’s even better to represent our cultures in a positive way at the same time.

7) Sisterhood

destiny's child coachella.jpg

What’s life without sharing it with the people you love? Especially your like-minded, incredible, ambitious, go-getting sisters. It’s one thing to inspire women to be the best version of themselves, but it’s even better when Beyoncé reminds us of the beauty of celebrating your fellow sisters. Some walks in life just don’t need to be walked alone. Women who are not us but are winning in life deserve to be celebrated and congratulated. There’s plenty out here so we can all get what’s ours, comfortably.

bey and solange coachella.jpg

Don’t let the idea that competition should be against the very women you should be collaborating with. Looking out for one another is how we rise faster and make sure we all win, together.

Well, this concludes what probably should’ve been titled, “7 Ways to Slay by Bey” lol. 

What was your favorite moment from her Coachella performance? Comment down below.

I hope you enjoyed this broadcast and if you did, please share it out because someone out there needs this message. 


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