7 Fun Solo Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

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Here we are. Two single ladies who are dateless for Valentines Day. Maybe this is your first solo Valentine’s Day in a while or you’ve been single on Valentine’s Day’s for more years then you’d like to admit. Either way, unless you and I schedule a delightful platonic romantic dinner in 72 hours or less, it looks like we’ll be sitting this Valentines Day out. 

Or will we?!

The ultimate choice will be yours because we Single ladies actually have lots of options on this love-filled holiday. It may not include spending it with someone who you’d like to be in a relationship with but it can still be spent with someone you’re madly in love with. 

Do you know who I’m talking about? I’m talking about you!

You are bomb AF and there’s no reason you can’t spend V-Day doing something other than sulking in self-pity. 


I’ve been single for years so listen when I tell you that being single on Valentine’s Day does not have to feel like a curse or a punishment. You don’t have to feel like you’re being left out or that you’re unloved. 



In fact, let me remind you that you are love and you are loved.  Your marital status does not define or diminish how wonderful you are. 


So, today I’d like to share with you 7 Solo Date Ideas that can be fun, creative, soothing, and/or romantic. 


7 Fun Solo Date Ideas For Valentine's Day


1. Enjoy a lovely night at home.

Take a nice long bath, put on some new pajamas or lingerie if you’re feeling sexy, light some candles, cook yourself a nice meal, put on a movie and relax. Spending quality time at home can give you the boost of joy and an appreciation of self on a holiday that’s all about love.


2.  Practice Self-Love Exercises.

Ready to get real with yourself? The practice of self-love is like a skill and like most skills you can form them into habits that you’ll eventually master. For now, we’ll focus on a few exercises that you can do the night of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Be still, be quiet, and listen to your thoughts. If we’re not mindful, it’s easy for hours and hours to pass by without us turning off the noise of the digital world that we live in. Unplug from distractions and plug into focusing on your thoughts. It’s time for you to see how you feel, learn about your desires, and think of all that you’ve accomplished. Clear your thoughts and see what comes up for you. Learn to understand your thoughts better and honor yourself with self-appreciation.
  2. Forgive yourself. A few times on my single journey, I set out to blame myself for my singleness. I was convinced being single was “my fault”. I thought something was wrong with me or that for some reason I wasn’t deserving of love from a man. These false toxic thoughts began to fill my mind like the dark clouds fill the sky before a storm. It was unhealthy. I had to learn to forgive myself for these hurtful thoughts and replace my thoughts with new truths about my worthiness.
  3. Make a list of your amazing qualities. You are the bomb.com and let no one tell you otherwise. Now it’s time for you to take a moment to tell yourself. Get old school and bust out the pencil and paper so you can write down all the reasons why you’re phenomenal.


3. Have a Spa Day.

Alternatively, instead of staying indoors, you can head out and have someone else pamper you. You can book a facial, a full body massage, or hop in the sauna to sweat off any of your stress. Now is the perfect time to Treat Yo’self.


4. Go out to eat a restaurant.

Get dressed up and take yourself out to a lovely restaurant, with a delicious menu, and a romantic ambiance. Worried, about looking ‘alone,’ who cares? I wouldn’t, but in case you aren’t completely comfortable looking alone, may I suggest you bring a good book with you. That way you look like you’re so invested in your literature you appear careless to that fact that you don’t have a dinner partner. Or for fun, someone once suggested bringing a notepad to make yourself appear like a secret food critic or journalist.


5. Stay at a Luxury Hotel.

Don’t break the bank on this one, but you can definitely treat yourself here. Check discounts on websites like Groupon, Kayak, and/or CheapHotels to score a 5-star that’ll be in your budget. Stay somewhere with a great view, pool and jacuzzi combo, delicious breakfast, and a big ass bed. Most of all, make sure you enjoy your stay, love. 


6. Catch a movie.

Haven’t been to the movies in a while? Looking to catch up on what’s in theaters? Now would be a great time to spend a couple hours cracking up at a comedy to get your spirits up and boost those endorphins of yours. 


7. Get Active. Take a Class.

You can certainly go out alone but you don’t have to be out alone. Why not try joining some singles for a fun night of enjoying some wine, snacks, and beautiful art. Art isn’t your thing? Substitute it for another crafty activity. Let the creative juices flow, hun. Dance, Dance, Dance, like someone’s watching. Dancing is one of my favorite daily activities and some of my favorite life moments where spent in a dance class with my friends. There’s plenty of options like Hip-Hop, Modern, Heels, Soca Afro-bics, Zumba, and Pole dancing, just to name a few. Find something you'll enjoy and sign up. 


So, try one or try all, over the next few days, darling. Make the most of this special day so that it makes you feel as special as I already know you are. You deserve to be smiling and enjoying yourself because you deserve to have a great time on this love-filled day. 



Let me know how you choose to spend the holiday below.

Got any other ideas for things you can do and enjoy by yourself? Comment them below!