5 Tips For Managing The Holiday Blues

5 tips to managing the holiday blues


Hey Lovely!


Are you feeling "out of it" this holiday season?


It's okay, you’re not alone. Feeling like you're not yourself and having a low supply of holiday cheer is not uncommon. Often, because of the increase of planning, preparing, purchasing, parental visits, and potlucks you begin to feel pitiful. The sudden lack of sunlight during the day and cold weather can also play a factor. You may find yourself feeling more tired than usual, having trouble concentrating, and/or not wanting to be social.

I’m here to tell you that you can find solace in this emotional and anxious time. There is no cure-all, but if you believe it, you can absolutely lift your spirit.


5 Tips For Managing The Holiday Blues 


1) Acknowledge Why You’re Upset

Are you stressed or suffering from the holiday blues? Did you just experience a breakup, did you experience a loss, are you having trouble finding a job, have you had trouble finding a partner, are you unable to spend the holidays with your loved ones? Unfortunately, there are several reasons why you may not be in the holiday spirit this year, but you need to recognize and address what the reason(s) is. Writing it down helps me when I feel low, so try that. Once you recognize what's been bothering you, write it down. Getting my thoughts down on paper helps me so maybe it'll do the same for you. Know that its okay to shed a few tears if you get emotional but don’t let it bring you down and keep you down.

Feel through the moments but then step out of them. Don't allow yourself to wallow and feel sorry for yourself. Instead, practice one of my all-time favorite things to do...Gratitude!

"When you greet your sadness with gratitude, great things will begin to greet you." 



2) Reach Out To Someone You TRUST

I’m emphasizing the word trust because it’s important that you express your sadness with someone who has your feelings in their best interest. Make sure that person will listen to you and have positive things to say in order to help you get out of your slump. You don't want to choose someone who will feed into your misery or bring you down even further. You also don't want to confide in someone who will just tell you to "get over it."

Once you’ve determined who you want to spend your time with, invite them over, or go out and see them. Make time for human interaction so you can release some stress and engage in social activity. If being social gives you anxiety try Facetiming for starters. Accept invitations to social events or volunteer in your community. Make time to be with people you actually want to be with.


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3) Treat Your Body Right

BE ACTIVE. Don’t chill around the house with Ben & Jerry slumming it in your leggings all day. Get up and workout at home or at the gym. Exercising is a great way to boost endorphins, which is the brain's "feel good" chemical and it keeps your body looking great for any social holiday entrances.


P.S A great tip is eating something really healthy like fruit and/or veggies before attending holiday parties so you don’t fill up too much on unhealthy options like desserts and alcohol.

5 tips for managing the holiday blues


4) Just say “No”


If you’re stressed about attending a holiday gathering because you can’t afford a new outfit, you heard your ex and his new boo is going to be in attendance, or maybe you just don’t like the energy of the crowd there, decline the invite to go. There is no point in getting flustered over making an appearance at a party that you have no desire to attend. You have a choice, darling. Make a decision that works for you, your peace, and your sanity. 


5) Make a Budget and Stick to It


The holidays are an especially good time to make sure you're monitoring your spending habits. I know how easy it is to shop for multiple family members and friends without thinking twice about whether or not you can really afford an item. I just get so excited about seeing the surprised look on their faces when they open a gift that I bought and they Love.  However, it's imperative that you don’t overpromise or commit to anything that would put you in a waking financial nightmare. Be realistic.


Bonus Tips!


1) If you feel like you need additional help…please see your doctor or seek professional help. You don't have to go through this alone and there are experienced professionals who can be of assistance. Aint nothing wrong with some therapy. 

2) Want 10 More Tips! Download the Free List Below. I share 10 More Ways to Beat The Holiday Blues!

10 ways to beat the holiday blues

Tis all! Now enjoy and take control of the holidays, don’t let it control you! :-)


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Happy Holidays!!

Kelley Green Empowerment Coach