5 FREE Ways To Boost Your Mood

5 FREE Ways To Boost Your Mood

Feeling good about yourself is important. That’s why, for decades, scientists have studied the relationship between feeling good about yourself and your overall health and happiness. It’s also why Pharrell Williams’ YouTube video, for his song “Happy,” has nearly 900 million views! 

Now the question is what do you do when you don’t feel like you’re on cloud 9? If you ever find yourself in a slump, try one of these five FREE tips below.

Let’s get you that mood makeover! 


1) Smile

What if I told you not only does smiling make you feel better, but it also makes you look better too? Are you smiling yet? Every time you smile you send neural messaging to your brain that will initiate positive effects on your health and happiness. When you smile your body also releases serotonin that acts as a natural anti-depressant.


Now about looking better, don't worry I haven’t forgotten. Studies show that when you smile you appear happy and more attractive to others. You will find that people will treat you differently than if you were frowning or had RBF (resting. bitch. face) going on.


2) Laugh at a funny TV show, movie, or video online

They say laughter is the best medicine and according to researchers, whoever came up with this catchy phrase wasn’t lying. Having a good laugh can actually make you healthier and happier. According to an article in helpguide.org, “ Laughter can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, strengthen your immune system, and dimes pain.” So if you want to feel good let your laughter put you in a good mood. 


3) Express Gratitude

Research has shown that grateful people are typically happier people. I’ve noticed that expressing gratitude has also lead me to receive more things to be grateful in my life. A great way to express gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. You can purchase a cute little notebook or download an app to your phone and every day, at least once a day, jot down something that you’re grateful for. Your gratefulness can range from being alive to being grateful a handsome man held the door for you at Starbucks this morning. When you write them down you can always refer back to them to revisit these moments of happiness that you’ve experienced.


4)  Put on Beyoncé and dance your @$$ off

For me, dance is a major stress reliever. When I put on great music it gives me a chance to let loose, have fun, and quiet my mind from everything other than enjoying the beat. So whether you’re a twerker, you like to drop it low, or you rely on a good old two-step dance your heart out and feel your mood skyrocket.


5) Go for a “Sun Walk”

What’s a Sun Walk? I used to work in Human Resources for a supermarket company that had my stress levels on 10. Working 10-hour shifts left little room for joy so throughout the day I would literally tell my coworkers I’m going for a Sun Walk. I would take my tired self outside and walk around the parking lot to soak up the sun and recharge. Feeling the sun on my face would instantly cheer me up because feeling sunshine boosts a person’s levels of serotonin which you know is the body’s natural happy hormone. 


Did you find this post helpful? What are some ways you boost your mood for free? 

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~Kelley Green

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