How To Avoid Ending The Year Where You Started

How to avoid ending the year where you started

As the year begins to close and 2018 steadily appears on the horizon, it’s common for people to get ready to start fresh and make major changes in their lives. They start chanting things like, “New Year, New Me,” "2018 is about to be Lit," they buy new journals and planners, and maybe even create a vision board. They get so hype at the idea of finishing the upcoming year as someone better than ever, only to realize in horror that they’ve just repeated the same year again. 

Same job. Same annoying coworkers and boss. Same amount of money in their bank account. Same unaccomplished dreams. Same dissapointed self.

Confused, heartbroken, and maybe even angry they find themselves asking, “wtf happened?” “How has nothing changed?” “Where did the time go?”

I have been there and I have uttered these very words and quite honestly, feeling this way, and thinking of the time lost, Sucks! The last time I felt this way and made this mistake was back in 2015. 


It was Halloween night and instead of being dressed in a costume, drink in hand, celebrating with friends, I was at my parent's house, alone, in the dark, in bed feeling down and disappointed in myself. I had lost three family members earlier that year, had a career change and a move that didn’t result in the changes I wanted and I was miserable, to say the least. 


But before the close of that year, I made an active and intentional decision to make a change. After being in thought, that Halloween night, about my cousin Darius, who was so accomplished and was my age when he passed, I told myself I still have work to do. I decided to not find myself feeling depressed, lost, lonely, broke, and sorry for myself next year. I practically forbade it.


Me? Wallowing in self-pity next year too? Nope, I don’t have time for that!"


I hired a Business Coach and became very intentional about the moves I made. Sure, I stumbled sometimes and didn’t always reach my goals. Sure my anxiety was on 100! Sure, I got turned around a couple of times. But I definitely had enough faith to outweigh my fears. I definitely won way more times than I failed. I definitely arrived at the end of the year feeling more accomplished and happy then ever before.


If you’re looking to end 2018 better than you're ending 2017, or any past years, know that it is possible. Know that you are capable of doing so. Know that God has an amazing year with your name on it.


Remember to set your intentions, pray about them, and then work on them. God is not a Genie and your wishes, without work, won’t get you far. Let me say that one more time for the people in the back. 

“God is not a Genie and your wishes, without work, won’t get you far.”


7 Ways to Avoid A Yearly Repeat

1. Set Your Intentions

2. Make a Plan

3. Write Down Your Goals

4. Add Deadlines To Your Goals

5. Push Past Any Fears or Self-Doubt

6. Get Help If Needed (Support group, Coach, Business Bestie, etc.)

7. Take Massive Action

If you are intentional and take action towards elevating your life you are bound to be greeted by success. Never take your power for granted!

If you want some clear examples of intentions, click the photo above to download your free checklist. 

Now, I would love to hear from you! What are some of your intentions for 2018? Start thinking about them and write them below so we can chat about them :).

Kelley Green Empowerment Coach