What I'm Claiming in 2019 and why it gave me FOMO

Since Dec 2018, I’ve been claiming this year to be one that is Loving and Lucrative ♥️💰

By thinking ahead, I can already predict that this can only be achieved if I maintain BALANCE in my life. Especially for my self-earners, whether you have your own business or side hustle, you know there are some risk involved  when it comes to making money.

Sometimes, I find myself realizing in order to focus on earning money, I may not be giving attention to my loved ones at the moment and on the flip side, if I’m spending time with my friends and family I may be missing out on money generating opportunities. Have you ever felt this way?

Neither one of these are ideal feelings or experiences.

When I realized this, I initially became frightened and thought “How am I going to handle this?” I started feeling that sense of FOMO before even being put in those situations. And then I thought, wait...I’ve done this before. Then I became mindful of two important things:

1. Breath

2. Balance

I remembered I can implement “Pranayama,” aka yoga breathing techniques, which control and extend the life energy of the body. The breath is a beautiful life sustaining presence that can prepare us to go on deeper journey’s in our lives and it can help us calm the fluctuations or busyness in our mind. And lemme tell you, this girls mind can get quite scrambled at times.

But if I remember to revisit the breath when my mind or life feels chaotic, I can maintain my balanced life, connect to the highest version of myself, and therefore achieve my desired goals.

So my hope is that when you face obstacles or challenges this year you don’t get afraid. Instead, you simply just breathe and release every thought that takes you away from you peace 🙏🏽. I hope you remove every ounce of toxicity that attempts to take space in your world. I hope you will operate from a place of strength, faith, and magic because you have some goal claiming to do this year. So always remember to Inhale and Exhale, darling.  


Now, tell me below in the comments. Choose 1, 2 or all 3 to answer below :)

  1. Will you try to remember to breathe in moments that feel uneasy?

  2. Would you like to learn about the various Pranayama techniques in a video or blog post?

  3. What do you intend to claim this year? 💫

I’d love to hear from you. It’s going to be a great year and I’d love to connect more with you all.

Peace, Love, & Blessings