7 Things I Will Not Do in 2017

Learn 7 Things I Will Not Do in 2017 for a successful year

I declare 2017 to be an awesome year for us! I plan to keep shedding off my fears, tapping into my potential, and learning how to live a better life in the new year.  I've taken the time to set some great intentions starting now and moving forward in 2017. I hope you have too.

Now, before we head into 2017, it’s only natural that we take a look back at what we do and what we don’t want to repeat in the new year. Below, I've listed a few things that I plan to NOT do and you can feel free to join me on my leap to change.

What NOT To Do:

1) Be inconsistent

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I’ve learned, consistency is the difference between me existing and feeling “Blah” versus me actually living a happy life. The more consistent I was this year, the more of an impact I made and I became much happier as a result. I learned consistency breeds positive results. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, someone who is learning how to practice self-love, or someone who is looking to get promoted at work, you have to exercise consistency in order to achieve the success you desire. 


2) Hide my talents

In the last month, my Instagram, (which you’re following me on at @kelleygreen_, right?) has become a space where I share more inspirationally artistic poem and prose style posts. It’s been less of the Ra-Ra inspirational, life is perfect stuff because life is not perfect. My experience in coaching revealed that us women struggle with many things that make us experience feelings of neglect, rejection, disappointment, and betrayal, just to name a few. I don’t want women who feel this way to think their alone. I rather they feel as though they can move forward with confidence. This is why I’ve introduced my new writing style. Poetic writing is just one of my talents by the way. Stay tuned for more in 2017 ;-).


3) Say no to things I should say YES too

This year I read the book “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes, (a book my dad bought me last Christmas which is worth reading by the way.) In that book, without giving too much away, Shonda explains how amazing her life became once she started saying "Yes" to things. In the past whenever I would say no to opportunities or invitations, due to what I believed were a lack of funds, or feeling like a homebody, or just being lazy, I missed out on making some great connections.

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4) Attempt to grow without collaborating

Successful brands/people/companies do not run their show on their own. There is so much power in collaborating with others and I plan to put myself out there more to make a larger impact and build brighter connections. I experienced a glimpse of this by speaking at brunches and partnering with mentoring foundations in NYC and I want to do this a lot more. If you would like to collab or know of any organizations that would benefit from what I offer please relay their info or pass mine to them :).


5) Neglect to eliminate anything and anyone not meant for me

What do I mean? I mean anyone and anything that does not serve me, love me, or help me grow must go. I think of my life as a sacred place and anything that enters my space must be there to introduce more good into my life. If something or someone begins to bring me stress, heartache, or negative vibes then they must be eliminated from my life so that I can be brought back to a peaceful state of mind. I love myself too much to continue to neglect this important task. Self-love is the best love!


6) Forget to practice gratitude 

Ok, so I remembered to practice gratitude every day this year. I got on my knees 99.9% this year before bed to say my prayers and I thanked God for waking me up in the morning. However, I know I could’ve done more. So, in 2017, I want to keep up with writing a gratitude list and journaling in general. When I consistently journaled and wrote what I was thankful for, more things to be grateful for appeared in my life. Of course, I loved that! So, I intend to do it again. You can even hold me accountable too. If you’re reading this now, no matter what day it is, reach out to me and ask if I journaled today


7) Play it small

There is no playing it small allowed in 2017. I’m either going big or going bigger. I’m excited for the things that are in store for the new year and I hope you are too. Thanks for sticking around with me in 2016. You are so Awesome for doing that! 

Now it's your turn. I want to hear from you. What will you stop doing in 2017? Comment below.

Love you lots and Happy Holidays, if I don’t post again before Christmas!

xx, KG

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