5 Tips for a Successful 2nd Half of 2016!

5 Tips for a Successful 2nd Half of 2016!

Hey Lovely!

Can you believe we are already halfway through 2016? Say What??

January through May have packed up and moved out and we now have a mind box full of sweet memories left to enjoy. Now, that June is setting up shop in your life, you’re likely thinking about how to make sure your plan for a productive, positive, and successful 2nd half of the year doesn’t get buried underneath laziness, negativity, or missed opportunities. The good news is the solution to your pondering can be found with these 5 Tips below!!


1) Be Specific! Clarify what success means to you.

Many say they want success over and over and wonder why they sound like a broken record with little to no results to show for it. It’s because they haven’t defined success. Success means something different to everyone. Maybe it means, getting that big promotion, being accepted into New York University, saving $500 to donate to your favorite charity, or getting out of a bad relationship. Success comes in several shapes and sizes and you must know exactly what you want before you seek to achieve it. AKA Be Specific! :-)


2) Be honest with yourself and give your plans a “Goal Stamp”

I’m not one for throwing shade on someones parade (including my own) but sometimes you have to. Oftentimes, we unrealistically shoot for the stars when our means to success may only lead to cloud 9 at the moment. For example, there is nothing wrong with saying I want to have $1,000,000 one day. In fact, I hope we both do some day! However, we would both have a snag in achieving this goal if we aimed to have $1,000,000 in our accounts in 24 hours.


So here’s the thing…I want you to achieve all your life’s goals, especially the ones that seem impossible. In order to increase your chances of accomplishing your goals you must attach an appropriate “Goal Stamp.” Adding time periods or “Goal Stamps” like 1 month, or 5 years, or before I’m 30 years old can help you plan the layouts to achieving your goals immensely!


3) Write down your goals and place them in “Reminder Stations” 

Now that you have your brilliant list of goals, its time you place them where you’ll see them. Try writing them on Post-Its and sticking them on your bathroom mirror, or setting a reminder on your phone to write them down every day, or try placing them by your coffee maker. There are several options but make sure whichever you choose you place your reminder in a specific spot that you are guaranteed to visit daily :-).


4) Just get to it!

Now that you’ve selected your best June-December goals, and have placed them in your carefully selected reminder stations, its time to work on accomplishing them. This part may be a breeze if your a self-starting go-getter but my procrastinators may have a more troubling time. If you’re the latter of the two don’t fret, all you have to do is “just get to it.” Don’t think about pressing the snooze button in the a.m, don’t stop to watch scroll through Snapchat (Gasp! I know I must be buggin’ considering I give great advice on mine at @kelley.green ;-) lol) but seriously, you have to ease up on the snap watching. Take the time to look your goals and tackle them head on.  


5) Have Fun!

Last but certainly not least, always enjoy what you are doing. Do things that light you up, make you smile, and remind you that you are enjoying your life! 


Are you thinking of setting some mid-year goals? Let me know in the comments below or visit me on social media.

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