5 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Successful

5 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Successful


What’s holding you back from being successful? Why don’t you already have a successful business, your dream car, or your healthy bank account? Why don’t you already feel successful and happy about the life you’re living? 

How come some people achieve the success they desire while others are left only to talk about the success they desire? 

I probably should have titled this blog post, the 6 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Successful, because one thing that people fail to do, before attaching the word “success” to their desires is, define what success means to them. Success is a perspective. It means different things to different people. Success for some might be identified as being wealthy, owning a profitable business, or traveling the world. Meanwhile, others might consider success becoming a mother, getting a new job, or waking up in the morning. 

Success varies and there is no success that is better than another. That’s the beauty of living life. We each can go after our own goals and participate in activities that personally light us up.

If you have already recognized your goals and dreams as the success you want to accomplish, why haven’t you obtained that success yet? What’s stopping you? If you’re ready for the truth, keep reading.


1) You Are Inconsistent


Do you find yourself constantly starting one thing, perhaps at full force, determined to focus on this new beginning, only for it to fizzle out? Now you look back and realize you haven’t done that thing in 3 months! This is why you aren’t getting the results you want. You are not consistent. 


You can create the best content in the world but if you are not consistent in delivering that content, quite frankly, you’re wasting your time. Thanks to our ever-growing human population and said populations access to the internet, the world is really noisy these days.

"If you want to raise your volume so you are heard over everyone else, you must show up for yourself and for others CONSISTENTLY." 


2) You Are Not Practicing Gratitude


At one point in my life, I had to ask myself, when was the last time I talked to God? I don’t mean talking to ask for anything either. I’m referring to talking to him to thank him. I found myself being unable to remember. My life was in shambles at the time, I felt stuck, I felt lost, I felt like I was behind my peers in a race called adulthood. I was so busy focusing on my burdens, I didn’t take the time to count my blessings. 

The moment I recognized this, it was like someone turned on a light and once I said thank you, it was like someone opened a door and a hug was waiting for me inside. Shortly after, gratitude became a magnet for me. The more I expressed gratitude, more opportunities to be grateful appeared. Now, I don’t even jump out of bed without saying thank you for my life. Waking up is more confirmation that I have work to do here on earth, there are more people to help and inspire and I am happily obliging. 


3) You Are Not Reciting Your Affirmations


You may have heard this before, perhaps even from me, but that’s because it’s essential for producing a lifestyle change. 

"Words Are Powerful" 

Whether your words appear as thoughts in your mind or something to be said out loud, your words have the power to change your world. Affirmations are an amazing spark to your change in living which is why some of the worlds most successful people incorporate them into their daily lives. If used properly and consistently. 

Affirmations have the ability to bring about positive change to your life, your love of self, and your circumstances. They help you get rid of self-doubt so you can stand in your purpose and move forward. Affirmations have played a big part in my life, which is why I created a guide to mastering affirmations. I wanted to share this gift of affirmations which had and continues to have a such a profound effect on my life. 


If it wasn’t for affirmations, I’m sure I wouldn’t be a published author, a CEO of two companies, YouTuber, blogger, empowerment coach, or overall inspiration to many. This is not to brag, by the way. It’s to reinforce in myself and introduce to you, the benefits and blessings that affirmations delivered in my life since the short 2-year span since I’ve incorporated them into my daily routine.

To learn more about affirmations download the free guide to mastering affirmations.


4) You Are Hiding Your Talents


Do you have skills, talents, and/or gifts that you’re hiding from the world? Is there something that you’re good at or would like to get good at but you’re afraid?

Well, what if Beyonce was too afraid to sing in front of people because she was worried about being judged? What if Serena Williams was afraid to ever compete against someone in tennis because she was afraid she might lose? What if Oprah, after getting fired and being told by a producer she was "unfit for tv," decided to stop going after her dreams? These beautiful, talented, phenomenal women would have missed the opportunity to find joy and wealth from their gifts and the opportunity to share their gifts with the world. 


Thousands and thousands of little girls and adult women around the world would’ve been robbed of seeing such an empowering example of womanhood, talent, ambition, dedication, and service on display. 


Now I want to ask you...are you hiding? Are you depriving yourself of the life you want to live and know you deserve because you’re afraid or nervous about the outcome? Maybe you fear success or maybe you fear failure, so you’re hiding and your procrastinating. Maybe you have low self-esteem and lack confidence. Well, procrastinate no more with the help of this list of confidence quotes and also stop because your future self and all the people you can uplift and inspire will thank you for it.


5) You Are Not Investing In Yourself


We invest so much time and money in our education up until graduating college then we just stop. We continue to try to navigate life without any additional education to do things like learn to be happy, learn to start businesses or learn how to make money. We waste so much time on searching for free resources and trying to figure things out on our own, instead of hiring coaches, consultants, or people who are more experienced to assist us. 

If you want to improve your lifestyle and get closer to achieving your goals and dreams, it’s imperative you seek out help. It’s time for you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be sooner rather than later. You can either Invest in your growth or invest in time spent trying to achieve your dreams, only to fall short.

I say, choose your growth. Invest wisely, stay positive, and do the work!

Which one of these do you have trouble with? What are you going to do next to get closer to reaching the success you desire? Comment below.