5 Fierce Ways Journaling Can Transform Your Life


I remember my very first journal from when I was in middle school. It was one of those pink journals that came with a lock and a key. I knew my innermost thoughts, secrets, and school crushes would be safe in there. Just in case, however, I would always hide it between my mattress and box spring of the matching twin sized bed, in the room I shared with my younger sister.

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Old School Diary

Did you have one like this too?

Journaling has always been a relief for me. I’ve always enjoyed writing, getting my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and frustrations out of my mind and onto something I could see with my eyes. I didn’t quite know how to put it into words as a child but journaling was my pathway to happiness and the improvement of my mental health and personal growth.

Now, as an adult living in this crazy modern 2019 world as a millennial Black woman, where social injustices, twisted information on the internet, and a lunatic in the White House, it’s important for me to make sure I’ve got my head on straight and my mind right. Journaling is the perfect way to ensure I’m constantly transforming my life for the better.


So, if you’d like to learn some other ways Journaling can transform your life, keep reading, hun.

Mental health and personal growth

1) Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Did you know, living with the weight of stress in your life can eventually cause physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Journaling is a dope way to de-stress because you can write out any emotions, thoughts, and experiences that are causing you to be stressed. It’s a great way to avoid cursing someone out  or displaying negative emotions into the world so you can express them in a healthy way instead.

2) Strengthens emotional health

Emotions are good and I’m glad we have them to express how we’re feeling. They’re available to most of us when we feel excited, sad, scared, passionate, and so much more. However, they can sometimes grab hold of us and hit us like an out of control emotional abundance truck. I know this feeling oh too well. Have you ever experienced this? This causes us to have emotional overload until we get a grip on our emotions again. Journaling is a great way to regain control. It allows us to write out how we’re feeling, why we’re feeling these emotions, pinpoint any patterns as to why these emotions keep showing up, and eventually this will lead to sweet relief. It allows you to manage and work your way through your emotions sooner. Thus, bringing you back to your peace.


3) Leads to Healing

Do to the nature of experiential living, we are bound to continuously need to heal. I wish I could say you heal once and you’re good for life but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Healing comes in the same waves that failure, traumas, disappointments, heartbrokenness, and loss arrive on the shores of our world. When they do find their way to use we are now obliged to heal in order to growth through it and get past it. Journaling is a great way to release those emotions to lead you towards a healthier mental state.

4) Gets you organized and disciplined

Who doesn’t love to get organized?! I know I do. Organized and it feels so gooood lol. But in all seriousness. Journaling doesn’t have to be all emotions, feelings, and woo’s and wow’s. It can be you recapping your day. Maybe you create lists of all the people you met that day, the conversations you had, the food you ate, or how good or bad sex was that night. I certainly hope there will be no bad sex entries.  

Nonetheless it gives you an opportunity to get organized and if you do this regularly this will also sharpen your discipline skill. Motivation is cool and all but its fleeting. We (yea, I’m including myself here) need to be more disciplined in our work. That’s how we succeed.

5) Increases happiness

The ultimate goal. To be genuinely happy. There are far too many people walking the planet who honestly feel they are unhappy and I hope you’re not one of them. If you are right now, I hope it doesn’t last long. Journaling can help you decrease the gap between your unhappiness and your joy. By Journaling for the four other transformative reasons above, you can find your way to happiness. You can write affirmations, intentions, and thoughts that put you in a happy state of mind. Your journal is yours and it can be your friend. No, seriously, tell it your thoughts, your feelings, dreams and desires. You in turn will be letting the Universe, God, or whoever you believe in, know the future that you want for yourself. So write it out! Declare it. Do the work and that future you dream of is bound to be yours!

So now it’s your turn I’d love to hear from you.

  • Will you start journaling this year?

  • Are you already an avid Journal user?

  • How do you use your journal to transform your life?

Comment below and let’s chat about it.

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Peace, Love, & Blessings

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