4 Things Holding You Back From The Life You Want

Go to school…check

Get a degree…check

Live a life that I love and I’m proud of…Ummmm I’m working on that!


Does this sound like you?

Do you ever find yourself looking back on your life and you ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?”


You see people on social media, some you grew up with and others are self-made social celebs, who. always seem to have their lives together. It’s like they effortlessly secure success after success meanwhile you practically hide from hanging out with new people because you’re afraid there’s nothing interesting to say about what you’ve done these last couple decades of life. 



I remember this feeling like it was yesterday. Luckily my desire to help a lot of people and to really transform into a leader in my industry brought me out of my angst. So know that feeling like you’re “behind in life” in comparison to your peers, is not uncommon. 


You just have to fight off the very things that are holding you back from the life you want, while also being in tune with your purpose. Granted, the people who are used to this current version of “You” may think you’re crazy to want to change your life and to create a different more unconventional one, but every brilliant person was once called crazy at some point, right?



It’s up to you to define which type of crazy you wish to be. 

You can be a crazy great mind that marvels at your life and is overjoyed at its success or you can be crazy enough to ignore your purpose and continue to live in mediocrity. 



Did you catch that? PURPOSE, my dear! You need to know what yours is and I have the perfect mini workbook to help you discover yours. But, I don’t want you to complete it until AFTER you read this blog. No peeking either…



We have some things to tackle first before you can start living out your purpose but know it is absolutely possible for you. 


How? I know it’s possible because if I can create a new life, so can YOU. I had to have the same courage and determination that you need to develop a respect for yourself that will help you up level in life.


Before I introduce you to the 4 things that are holding you back from living your purpose I want to have a quick chat with the voice inside your head. You know, the one that’s saying “I want a better life but I don’t know if I can have one”…or “can I even have a better life? If I haven’t figured it out already maybe it’s too late.”


Well, I’d like to say you can ABSOLUTELY have a life you love! 


If I can manage to step out of my depression in order to change my life’s narrative and step into a life where I’m walking in my purpose so now I’m a happy, successful, CEO of my own company, then you can do and have whatever is your heart's desire. All you have to do is decide the life you want is for you. So instead of viewing your elevation as something that makes you doubtful, or you feel will be difficult or flat-out impossible, look at it as an opportunity for you to become the fairy godmother of your life, like the one in Cinderella. Except, there’s no clock that strikes at 12 and the magic wand is in your hand.


So, I hope by now those doubts in your mind about living in your purpose have been silenced and we can proceed to the opportunities you can take action on right away. But if this is not the case, because you don’t know what your purpose is, I’ve created a lovely workbook for you with 15 questions to help you uncover yours. 


But let’s get back to identifying the 4 things holding you back from living a life you love.


1. Limiting Beliefs. 

Put simply, your limiting beliefs will destroy your life if you don’t get rid of them, FAST. They will prohibit you from becoming your best powerful self, and will block you from reaching the success you desire, and the joy, and love you deserve. 


So what are limiting beliefs? They are the negative thoughts and emotions that cause you to doubt your abilities. 



And trust me, I get it. More than anything, you want to create a life that is better than the one you’re currently living or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You want freedom, love, and financial abundance but, because of these Limiting Beliefs, you find yourself being the very obstacle that is standing in your way. 



Let’s look at it this way. 


Limiting beliefs are the intruders of our mind who appear when they are not wanted, needed, or summoned. They cause us to become nervous and in some cases panic and steal our success every second they are occupying our mind. 


“Well enough is enough!”


Now that you’ve discovered this issue, its time for you to silence any thoughts you may have about you having the inability to fully own your power. These are negative thoughts and any thoughts you have that are related to lack, fear, or self-doubt must GO. 


There is plenty of room for you in the world to show up as your empowered bold self, so you can create a life you love and are proud of.



You just need to have a clear mind and have the security alarm on when it comes to those abundance intruders, also known as Limiting Beliefs




2. Lack of Self-Confidence

A lack of self confidence can be emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. Usually, almost everyone will experience a lack of confidence at some point, while others deal with it more frequently. 


When a lack of self-esteem and self-worth are present, a negative self image is created, which induces fear. When your fear is heightened, and is present because of a lack of self-confidence you are often found to be an overachiever or an underachiever. 


Now you may be thinking an overachiever can’t be so bad, right? Au contraire. 


I used to be an overachiever who lacked self-confidence and I attributed my success to luck instead of skill and ability, as a result. I would sometimes question my competence and wouldn’t always enjoy my winning moments for fear that a flaw would be discovered and the jig would be up.


I just knew my efforts would be judged and I’d be found to be unworthy. I did not know my worth. 


It was almost as if I was programmed to find the flaws in myself so I could beat others to the punch of pointing them out. 


If this is touching a chord with you know that you are not alone. You also don’t have to be alone on your journey to improve yourself so you live happily. I am here for you. You are completely capable of building your self confidence so you can proudly walk in your purpose and live a life you love. I know this because you are reading this right now which means you’re ready for change and you are at the right place at the right time. 



3. Fear of Failure

I also was such an overachiever I literally feared failure. Not the take a test type of failure either. This was more like the “I know I’m in a bad relationship but I don’t want to look like a failure if it ends” type of fear. I had this same feeling when it involved being in a job that I disliked. I thought leaving a job that paid me would make me look like an idiot. 


I was afraid to look like an idiot and I thought failing was the end of the world.  


Eventually, what I realized was those fears should’ve been outweighed by a fear to stay stagnant in a world that was ever evolving and was truly my oyster. I should have feared staying in a negative environment more and feared staying in a relationship that no longer served me. 


Fears will always pop up and pay us a visit. We are human. But it’s silly to allow the fears that block you from positive change control your life. You’ve got to step up and make an effort to block the very fears that are holding you back from elevating. 


Imagine all the times when you’re life could've taken another turn but you were held back by fear. 


4. You don't know your purpose

The time to live your life purpose is always NOW. I know for sure you can do it, but do you know if you can or what it even is. You must know you’re purpose in order to become the person you’re meant to be. You deserve to live a life that lights you up and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.


Rolling out of bed, feeling like you’re boarding the struggle bus is no way to live. Trust me, I know and I’ve been there, and I remember feeling like popping all the tires and busting all the windows. Yea that was probably a bit violent sounding but I was feeling very hurt and abandoned by life at that time. 

Unconver your purpose


But I also remember the best part of that dark time. It was when I knew there was a light switch in the darkness that I could reach and flick on. I had been dimming my light and ignoring my search for purpose which is why I wasn’t succeeding at life.


I had to do something quick, intentional, and effective. That something was to figure out how to uncover my purpose. I searched for blog post after blog post and clicked through page after page on amazon to find the perfect book to help me, all to no avail. 


It wasn’t until I centered myself and internally began to ask myself questions when my purpose began to become clearer as if the fog on a window was melting away. It was a beautiful thing. 


If you want help uncovering your purpose, I created a mini workbook to walk you through each question I asked myself with room for you to answer so you can create a purpose that lights you up and gets you moving forward.  It's the perfect tool to use to help you end the worry about whether or not your walking in your purpose so the life you want can become yours. You will have peace of mind and the things you want in life will attract itself to you!


You can click here to get access to the free download right now.



I truly hope you got some value from this post! If there’s one thing I want you to walk away knowing, it’s that you are fully worthy of being the woman you know you’re meant to be. You can live a life you love and are proud of and the secret to achieving this is just getting started. ;-)



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