3 Ways To Be Still Amid Life's Chaos

I’m from New York, “Yerrrr” (if you know, you know lol.) So, thanks to my environment, my career,  and travel, I’m usually running around, A Lot. For that reason, I like to balance my time with Stillness amongst my frequent movement. To me, stillness can look like a number of things that have been easily incorporated into my regimen and if you’re interested, it can be added to yours too. 

When you feel like you’re trapped on that hamster wheel of life, or stuck in a revolving door of chaos it’s time to sit your behind down and get still. I’ve learned that when I neglect to get still and check in with myself, things really start getting out of control. When I neglect to feed my mind and body with calmness they begin to weaken. I become more prone to colds, headaches, I’m less patient, and I feel more overwhelmed, frustrated, and drained. It’s not a fun situation and if you’ve felt this way before, due to being “busy” out here in these streets, I’m sure you can relate.

In order to combat these awful mental and bodily reactions, I’ve created my list of go-to stillness moves. Now I’m sharing them with you, so check them out and let me know what you think.


black woman meditating.png

Find a calm, quiet place, where you can sit and be still with your thoughts for a period of time. Find a comfortable seated position, or you can lay down, relax, take a deep breath, and “Just be” with your thoughts. If you’re new to meditation perhaps you shouldn’t try and sit there in silence for an hour. You can meditate for as short as 5 minutes and still have positive emotional and physical results. Guided meditations are also helpful as well for beginning meditators. 

Benefits of Meditation:

Increases optimism, awareness, and relaxation

Lessons fears, worries, and anxiety

Increases memory retention, focus, creative thinking

Improves breathing and energy levels


black woman napping.jpg

I love naps! The exclamation point means I really really mean that lol. I’ve appreciated a good nap ever since I was a youngin. In fact, I’m one of those people who can sleep anyplace, anytime, anywhere. I resort to taking naps when I feel too exhausted to function. A common misconception about napping is that people take them because they are lazy or lack ambition. Meanwhile, I take 20-30 min naps because I want to be a better functioning member of society. I’ve listed some brain-boosting benefits below.

Benefits of Napping:

Improved cognitive performance

Restores alertness

Increased Relaxation

Reduce fatigue

Something to note: Napping may not be for everyone. Some cons to napping midday can result in grogginess or altered nighttime sleep patterns


Mini Exercise: Inhale deeply. Exhale with an audible sigh. Take another deep breath, inhaling positive energy. Exhale with a sigh, feeling your worries escape from your mind. Repeat as many times as necessary.

When people say stop and take a breath, it really makes a difference. This is a basic form of breathwork that you can do anytime and anyplace. Breathwork increases the oxygen supply in our system which activates more brainpower. 

Breathwork has saved me from various spectrums of having a breakdown to avoiding a spazz session on someone. Breathing is something we do every second of every day unconsciously but when we are intentional about how we are breathing there are emotional, physical, and soulful benefits. 

Benefits of Breathwork:

Decreased Anxiety

Improved awareness

Heightened Energy Levels

Trauma release

Reduced Stressed

Decreased Depression

Have you tried any of these 3 methods for being still? If so, which ones and how have they helped? If not, what methods are your go-to?

Comment down below. I’d love to hear from you.